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Very happy with results! I have been on Super Beta Prostate for 15 years! Now have moved on to Super Beta Prostate Advanced with excellent results, I have referred it to many friends with great results as well! Thank you! David N

5 star rating Verified Review

Works for me. There is not much to say other than it was very helpful in reducing night trips to the bathroom. In other words, it does what it is supposed to do. Johnny G

5 star rating Verified Review

Have been taking Super Beta Prostate for over 20 years now. The only side effects are a good night's sleep! Jim A

5 star rating Verified Review
Trusted Since 1999
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The proof is in the results.

Our Prostafend blend has three key ingredients that help support a healthy prostate function.*

In a published meta-analysis, men who used beta-sitosterol experienced stronger urine flow and less frequent urges to use the bathroom.*

Super Beta Prostate has been available for over 20 years and is the top selling Prostate brand in America with over 20,000,000 bottles sold.

Supercharged + Clinically Researched Ingredients


A non-prescription formula with ingredients that can help reduce frequent bathroom trips and help improve your quality of life. Why wouldn't you try it?

Robert Simon, MD Board-Certified Urologist Medical Advisor
Super Beta Prostate Supercharged Ingredient


A natural game changer in prostate health to reduce urges to urinate and improve flow.*

Super Beta Prostate Supercharged Ingredient


This mineral collects in the prostate and helps protect against free-radical damage.*

Super Beta Prostate Supercharged Ingredient

Vitamin D

Adequate Vitamin D intake is essential for urinary health.*

Super Beta Prostate Supercharged Ingredient

Zinc Oxide

Healthy zinc levels go hand-in-hand with maintaining healthy prostate function.*

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