Too many trips to the bathroom?

Try the #1 Urologist recommended prostate health multi-supplement** and help reduce frequent bathroom trips during the day & night, plus get FREE shipping and handling on any order!

Choose your Formula:

Choose Your Formula:

Decrease Frequent Bathroom Trips
Improve Urine Flow & Stream
Reduce Nighttime Uges to Urinate

Super Beta Both Funnel

Life-Changing Benefits

  • Decrease Nighttime Bathroom Trips*

  • Improve Bladder Emptying*

  • Reduce Urinary Urges*

  • Support Healthy Prostate Function*

  • Safe & Highly Effective Nutrients*

Same Formula.
Same strong results.

Super Beta Prostate Advanced is now available in chewable form to make supporting your prostate even easier! These new chewables have all of the same ingredients as the tablets, including the triple-action ProstaFend blend. Even better, they have a natural berry flavor that’s so tasty, you might forget you’re taking a supplement!

Chewables Tablets
Take Twice Daily
Clinically Tested Ingredients
624 MG ProstaFend® Blend
200% Daily Value of Vitamin D
9 Additional Minerals
Urologist Recommended
Our Original Best Seller
Quick and Easy Chewable
Natural Berry Flavor

I joke with my dad about his bathroom trips and now I’m having those same issues! So now we’re both taking Super Beta Prostate.

Tyler and Neil N.

One of the main things that I love about Super Beta Prostate Advanced is that you don't need a prescription, it's safe, and there are no negative side effects. Open up that bottle, take a pill, and get on living.

Jim J.

I don’t enjoy swallowing pills, now with these chewables I can finally get all these benefits

Guy F.

The #1 Prostate Support Brand
Over 15 Million Bottles Sold!

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  • Meijer
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Amazon

The Proof is in the science

  • 1

    Super Beta Prostate Advanced uses a proprietary formula containing over 10 powerful nutrients including a scientific breakthrough called beta-sitosterol, shown in multiple double -blind, human clinical studies to reduce the most frustrating prostate issue men deal with.*

  • 2

    By providing your prostate with key nutrients like Beta-Sitosterol, Vitamin D, Lycopene & Reishi Mushroom, Super Beta Prostate Advanced goes to work to help reduce frequent urges to urinate during the day and night, improving bladder emptying and helping to improve your quality of life!*

  • 3

    Super Beta Prostate Advanced is so powerful that you may have to take up to 100 same-size saw palmetto capsules to get the same amount of plant sterols found in just 1 tablet of Super Beta Prostate Advanced!*

  • Friendly Customer Support

    Call us anytime with questions, concerns or to place an order!

  • Fast Discreet Shipping

    We help keep your private life private with a plain white New Vitality box.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Super Beta Prostate has helped tens of thousands of men alleviate their most frustrating prostate issues for over 20 years!*

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