How it works

How Super Beta Prostate Works

Super Beta Prostate Advanced takes the guesswork out of prostate care by giving you premium ingredients – in the correct amounts – in one easy formula. Unlike most other supplements that cut corners, Super Beta Advanced is based on actual clinical studies!

Step 1

Super Beta Prostate Advanced has 3 key ingredients that enter your bloodstream and provides your prostate with these powerful nutrients*

Step 2

Beta-sitosterol goes to work addressing your urinary issues. Over time you’ll see a noticeable reduction in urges to urinate and nighttime bathroom trips.*

Step 3

Reishi mushroom extract and Lycopene provide daily maintenance for healthy prostate function.*

Urologist Endorsed

Dr. Robert Bradley Simon specializes in general urology, received his medical doctorate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, and has completed his Urology residency at New York Medical College. He now has professional affiliations with the American Urological Association and the American Medical Association.

“A non-prescription formula with ingredients that can help reduce frequent bathroom trips and help improve your quality of life. Why wouldn’t you try it?”

Robert Simon, MD
Board-Certified Urologist

Prostate Support You Can Trust

Super Beta Prostate has been on the market for over 20 years and over 15 MILLION bottles have been shipped! Simply put, it's the brand men trust to support their prostate health. 

Don't live in fear of the bathroom, try Super Beta Prostate Advanced to decrease frequent and frustrating bathroom trips and help improve your overall quality of life.* 

Decrease Frequent Urges to Urinate

After years of research on prostate care, we believe that the BEST nonprescription ingredient is beta-sitosterol. This compound, which occurs naturally in plants, has been found in multiple clinical trials to reduce those frustrating urges to urinate.*

Promote Better Bladder Emptying

Beta-sitosterol has been found in multiple double-blind clinical trials to support prostate health and reduce urinary issues. In a published meta-analysis, men who took beta-sitosterol experienced stronger urine flow and less frequent urges to use the bathroom.*

Decrease Nighttime Bathroom Trips

Our ProstaFend blend also includes two more key ingredients: reishi mushroom extract and lycopene. Reishi mushroom extract helps support reduced waking at night and both help support healthy prostate function.*

Support Healthy Prostate Function

Super Beta Advanced also includes important nutrients for the prostate, such as zinc and selenium, as well as a 200% of your daily value of vitamin D!

See the Powerful Formula for Yourself:

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